‘The cold hurts’ Homeless mother describes life on the streets with her son

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. - A woman says she has been living on the streets for the last two or three years with her son. She tells FOX 2's Elliott Davis that one of the hardest things about being homeless is the cold, it hurts. But, she rides the bus and goes to libraries to stay warm.

Elliott Davis posted the interview on his Facebook page. It has gone viral with nearly 20,000 reactions.

"I have multiple break downs. I feel like I don't have anybody. Sometimes it hurts to talk about it. But, I'll keep my faith," said the homeless woman. "I want to know about what are they doing with the money if they're not helping us homeless people. There are so many vacant buildings. They could build something for us. Help us out, somehow, some way."

There is some hope at the end of the interview. Elliott Davis promised to help to keep them out of the cold.

"I'm going to see what I can do to help you guys today with something financial. To at least get you guys out of the cold," said Elliott Davis.



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