The end of the Loop Trolley could be near

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO - The clang of the trolley in St. Louis is coming to an end a year after takeoff that is unless someone else steps in to keep it running.

Many say they're sad by the situation, despite a lot of controversy over the Delmar Loop Trolley which cost more than $50 million to build and run, but those funds have since run dry.

But the Bi-State Development Agency may step in. Insiders say there’s worry over future federal funding for transit if it flops.

“It was really busy all summer. This week it’s been busy and I don’t know if people been thinking it’s the last of it, but I’m certainly hoping that Bi-State takes it over and it revitalizes again for next year," said Wendy Harris, a local business owner.

She says she’s noticed an influx in shoppers when the trolley stops by her door.
Others say the drawn-out construction process forced other stores to shutter their doors.

“I’ve picked up a couple gentlemen off their bikes because of the tracks. A lot of people did not like the idea of the trolley. Twenty years ago, maybe, but now you have the scooters and stuff. If it could’ve done more than a loop around from history museum to here," said a resident.

“It’s here now, the community should embrace it and support it," said Harris.

You can still ride the trolley this weekend from noon until six.


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