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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO – A St. Louis pastor is suing one of Missouri`s most famous restaurants over the very thing that made them famous. And some people are not happy about it. And some of them are complaining about it— to the wrong lawyer.

‘It started last night,’ said John Meehan, a St. Louis lawyer with offices in south St. Louis, who along with his father Justin, is being mistaken by angry callers and e-mailers as the attorneys suing Lambert`s Café.

‘We got a lot of crazy phone calls and crazy emails from people who loved the throwed rolls and they are pretty upset about the lawsuit,’ he said.

The attorney who actually is suing Lambert`s is William Meehan, whose office is in University City. His client is Troy Tucker, a 67- year-old woman who is a pastor at a church in North St. Louis.

Pastor Tucker had gone to Lambert`s last September with other members of her church, when suddenly a flying roll ‘throwed’ to someone else went off course and hit her in the right eye, scratching her cornea, she says.

‘She still has some pain in the eye and some blurriness, according to the medical records I`ve reviewed,’ said William Meehan. ‘It has healed with some scaring,’
he said.

He says Tucker sought his help after Lambert`s insurance company stonewalled his client, who wanted to be reimbursed for $6000 in medical bills she ran up because the accident also loosened her retina.

The lawsuit, filed in Scott County initially seeks $25,000, which is the jurisdictional limit, but William Meehan plans to ask for more.

And he thinks he has a good chance he can get it because he says Lambert`s has been sued for this sort of thing before.

‘The first time they`ll say, `oh we didn`t know about it,` but after it happens more than once you are on notice that this is a practice that could result in injury,’ he said.

As for John Meehan, the lawyer not suing Lambert`s, he has taken to Facebook to try to let the world know it`s not him.

‘As a matter of fact I have family in Mississippi and we stop at the Lambert`s every time we go back,’ he said. ‘We are big fans of the place and we would not go out of our way to do that to anybody.’

Lambert`s is not commenting on the lawsuit.