The Masky’s: The biggest award show of the season comes The Masked Singer season 5

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ST. LOUIS – Before the final 6 take the stage next week, tonight we witnessed the biggest award show of the season, The Masky’s.

During The Masky’s, current and voted off celebrities of the season won awards (a golden Nick Cannon ‘relic’ with sparkly shoes) for their performances. Fans were also able to sing along with contestants as they performed the songs they won awards for.

The voted-off celebrities even came back for a medley performance, singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

Of course, it wouldn’t be The Masked Singer Season 5 if game-changing moments and clues weren’t thrown into the mix. As host Nick Cannon revealed who won awards, our cage-free clue hacker, Cluedle-Doo gave us specific hints on the remaining celebrities to learn more about their identities.

Lets get into tonight’s awards, and new clues.

Award one was for who performed the “Best Love Song.”

Nominees: Piglet for his ” Speechless” performance, Black Swan for her “How Will I Know” performance, Yeti for his “If it isn’t Love” performance.

The winner was Black Swan. Cluedle-Doo also filled us in on the majestic bird, letting us know the the globe and word “Montana” in one of her clue packages were key hints to her identity.

Award 2: “Most Powerful Mask Journey” went to Crab, or Bobby Brown.

Award 3: “Most Entertaining Train Wreck” went to the Raccoon, or Danny Trejo for his ” Wild Thing” performance.

Award 4: Most Emotional Performance

Nominees: Black Swan for her “Use Somebody” performance, Orca her his “Every Rose Has its Thorns, Piglet for his “7 years” package.

The winner was Piglet. Cluedle-Doo also brought attention to football clues in Piglet’s package. He told us to look closely at the scoreboard that read, Time: 50:10, Points 11 to 11. On a white board, Cluedle-Doo also circled “3528 rushing in./game.”

Award 5: “Most Rebellious Performance” went to Bad Grandpa, or Logan Paul, for his “Bad Reputation” performance.

Award 6: The “Best John Legend Cover by a Cyborg Covered in Sharp Quills” award went to Robopine for his “All of Me” performance.

Cluedle-Doo also let us know the DNA Ken referred to in Robopine’s clue package actually referred to genes. He also told us to pay attention to 6 other clues which included a toy animal and lightening bolt.

Award 7: The “Best Rock Performance” went to Orca, or Mark McGrath for his “We’re Not Gonna Take It” performance.

Award 8: Best Pop Song

Nominees: Phoenix, or Caitlyn Jenner for her “Tik Tok” performance, Russian Dolls for their “24k Magic” performance, Black Swan for her “In My Blood” performance.

The winner was the Russian Dolls. Do you remember the art gallery clue? Cluedle-Doo let us know we should have paid attention to how many squares were on the painting. In the 24k Magic performance, one of the dolls wore a hat that said 29 in roman numerals. Also, a sign that read “MizFitz Toyz Store” in a clue package was spelled that way on purpose.

Award 9: Best Song Performed by an Inanimate Object that Brings Me Back to the 90’s Slumber Parties went to Sea Shell for her “I think we’re alone now” performance

Award 10: Best Rap Performance went to Chameleon for his “Ride Wit Me” performance.

Cluedle-Doo also let us wanted us to focus on a “Slipperry When Wet” road sign and playing cards in the order A,2,A,2.

Award 11: The “Most Feel Good Performance” went to Snail, or Kermet the Frog for his “You Make My Dreams” performance.

Award 12: Most Game-Changing Performance

Nominees: Russian Dolls for their “Man in The Mirror Performance,” Yeti for his “Lonely” performance, Bull Dog, or Nick Cannon for his Candy Girl Performance.

Yeti won the award.

Finally, we learned more details about who is under Cluedle-Doo’s mask. He told us he has a special connection with another masked singer in the past, the Gremilin, who was unveiled to be Mickey Rourke.

Next week, the final 6: Robopine, Yeti, Russian Dolls, Black Swan, Piglet, and Chameleon battle it out for the Golden Mask Trophy.

Will you know who’s behind the mask? Let us know locally, using #MS5STL.

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