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BELLEVILLE, Ill. – Thursday’s episode of “Crime Watch Daily” will cover the murder of a southern Illinois family and the subsequent investigation and conviction of the family patriarch.

Chris Coleman is serving three life sentences for the May 2009 murders of his wife, Sheri, and their two sons, 9-year-old Gavin and 11-year-old Garret. Their bodies were discovered inside their Columbia, Illinois home.

Coleman was convicted of the killings two years later.

Prosecutors said Coleman killed his family to start a new life with his mistress, Tara Lintz, without revealing an affair that might have cost him his bodyguard job for televangelist Joyce Meyer.

Sheri, Gavin, and Garret were initially buried in Chester, Illinois, but Sherri’s family successfully fought to have the bodies exhumed and moved to Chicago, Sherri’s hometown.

Christopher’s father, Ron Coleman, insists that his son did not murder his family, and that the affair was not a motive for the murders, but rather the result of Sheri not fulfilling her matrimonial duties.

Earlier this month, Coleman’s attorney, Lloyd Cueto Jr., filed a request for a new trial. The request is based on four uncensored naked pictures of Coleman and his lover that Cueto argues jurors shouldn’t have seen. Without those pictures, Cueto argues Coleman wouldn’t have been convicted.

“Well, I mean every man has desires and every man has to be respected; it’s built into every man, if your wife doesn’t respect you, then you’re going to find respect somewhere else,” Ron says.

Now, in a prison phone interview with all-new exclusive details, Christopher speaks out from behind bars, where he is currently serving three consecutive life sentences for the murders. He insists that he did not kill his family and that his version of events is the truth, telling Crime Watch Daily, “I am 100 percent innocent…I would love to get a new trial so that I can prove and show everybody I did not do this.”

Courtroom evidence from the Chris Coleman triple murder trial was released to the public in 2011.

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