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ST. LOUIS– A home just listed in Lafayette Square is already going viral on Zillow Gone Wild. The current owner and real estate agent, Fritz McAvoy, says when you walk through the home it is an experience you will never forget and even has a quirky address to fit: 1204 1/2 South 18th Street.

McAvoy says he tapped into the magical fantasy world of the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland and quoted the movie while writing the description for the home.

“It’s like going through the rabbit hole,” said McAvoy when he described touring the home.

The real estate listing says the home is where sunken conversations rise to incredible heights — referring to its sunken living room.

It also says tables clearly show the wonders of the deep–referring to a glass dining table that reveals the basement.

The home also features a bridge that leads to nowhere; a third-floor bedroom with a bed built into the floor and huge skylights; and a deck that is on the peak of the roof leading to a one-of-a-kind view of Downtown St. Louis.

The home was built in 1885 but was bought by James King in 1970. King was one of the original Urban Pioneers of Lafayette Square. King was a talented artist and interior designer who happened to be friendly with famed sculptor Bob Cassilly.

Cassilly is known for founding the City Museum and a trip trough King’s house may feel similar. King, Cassilly, and dozens of others in the Lafayette Square neighborhood helped King with the eclectic design and decor.

McAvoy bought King’s estate after he died in 2020 and completed some of the unfinished projects in the house.

McAvoy is asking $325,000 for the Victorian-style home but says if you take into consideration the hours of labor King and others put into it, it’s worth so much more. He pointed out there is so much attention to detail in the home. There are carefully laid bricks and stone in the backyard; spray-painted glass bottle bottoms on walls; and skylights piping in sunlight from many angles.

McAvoy says there are many pieces that you can’t tell if it is plastic or not unless you knock on them.

The property went for sale on Thursday and already has more than 100,000 views on Zillow in 24 hours. McAvoy says he could see someone buying it for an office space or possibly even a home.

You can see the entire Zillow listing here.