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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)- The shooting death of teenager Michael Brown has caused an uproar in the City of Ferguson over the last several days. Demonstrators have protested the area after reports that a Ferguson police offer is responsible for his untimely death.

The use of tear gas and other “military tactics,” (according to protesters) were put in place during and after the looting on Sunday. Many area businesses were destroyed including the QuikTrip convenience store that was burned down with employees inside.

“The whole picture is being painted a little bit sideways,” said Chief Tom Jackson as he addressed a crowd at the fire house in Ferguson Thursday afternoon.

According to Jackson, all of the evidence has to be examined along with other ballistics before the case can be be presented to the Grand Jury. They also need to interview every witnesses extensively.

The police department is also awaiting the completion of Michael Brown’s toxicology report.

Alderman Antonio French, and St. Louis City Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed were among 10 people arrested during the Wednesday night protest. Two national journalists from the Washington Post and The Huffington Post were also detained.

“If anybody was arrested, from what I understand, it was because they were in an area that was being cleared by police.” Jackson says if the commander declares the scene as an unlawful gathering because of the violence, then everyone would have to leave.

The hacker group “Anonymous” released a name of the officer who they believe shot Brown Thursday morning.. According to the chief, they’re going to have a conversation at Bob McCullough’s office about the releasing of the name. If a judge ordered him to do so, he would.

He confirmed that the name released this morning is not the officer.

He didn’t speak very much to the evidence that belongs to the county police department.

“The whole pic is being painted a little bit sideways, from what’s really happening. It’s not military, it’s tactical operations, it’s SWAT teams. That’s who’s out there. We’re doing this in blue,” said Jackson.