These are the days Lambert expects to be busiest for Thanksgiving travel


ST. LOUIS — Crowds continue to increase at St. Louis Lambert International Airport as officials predict Wednesday and Sunday to be the busiest times for air travel.

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s a good holiday season for everyone that has to travel,” said St. Louis Lambert International Airport spokesperson Roger Lotz.

Airport officials predict crowds will swell to more than 17,000 people — and this only accounts for outbound passengers. 

“Just arrive early because the lines are bad here, we returned a rental car, that was very chaotic so just extra time,” said traveler Michelle Levine.

“Stay covered up, stay safe and be ready to move,” said traveler Shawn Johnson.

Lotz reminded passengers to arrive early, bring a mask, and come prepared for the influx of travelers.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday are expected to be the busiest times to travel if you plan to fly.

“We have a starting point, that starting point was last Friday for this holiday travel period and it just keeps going up incrementally,” said Lotz.

“I feel like all the airports the past six to seven months have been slowly getting back to normal, more crowded as the day and months go past so it’s exciting to see it go that way,” said traveler Erin Mulder.

But with a sense of normalcy comes the crowds along with it. That’s why airport officials are recommending you reacquaint yourself with travel etiquette to make your trip go as smooth as possible.

“Don’t worry about the crowd so much, worry about yourself,” said Lotz. “Are you coming here on time, are you getting those liquids out of those bags.”

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