Thieves break into storage units, steal tiaras, guns

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LONEDELL, Mo. – Thieves broke into dozens of storage units in Lonedell, Missouri earlier this week, stealing everything from clothing, to guns, to diamond tiaras.

“The back fence was cut and then locks were cut off 24 storage units,” Franklin County Sheriff Steve Pelton said.

Ten flat-screen televisions, four bow and arrow sets, and 30 guns were also stolen.

“A lot of times, stolen firearms end up on the street and people trade them for drugs or money, then they get in the hands of convicted felons,” Pelton said.

Beverly Jimenez’s 14-year-old daughter, Angel, sobbed after learning the thieves stole her tiaras.

She said her daughter has many health issues, including a genetic disorder and autism, yet she still succeeds in pageants. That’s why Beverly was pleading with thieves to return the tiara and other items.

“Bring the stuff back, because you don’t know what you’ve done to my family,” she said.

“To me, (the tiaras) represent success, because everybody said she couldn’t make it, she couldn’t do it, she couldn’t be the pageant queen.”

The sheriff believes the thieves used a four-wheeler because tracks were found near the property, so was a trailer that had some stolen items still on it. As for a motive, the sheriff doesn’t yet know but is considering everything.

“There is a lot of crime related across the nation to drugs and people contributing to their addiction,” Pelton said.

The sheriff asked the public for help. He also suspected the thieves live in the area.

A man with the storage business declined to be interviewed.


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