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ST. LOUIS– Chef Trent Garvey sounded off in Monday’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns and called his team out for their screw ups in the kitchen.

“This is the worst, the worst kitchen I’ve ever worked in, like people talking to each other, timing,” said Chef Garvey on Monday night’s show.

Garvey says for the first few episodes he didn’t want to say anything stupid and just wanted to learn, but then he says he just couldn’t take it anymore. He went off on Antonio telling him he wasn’t really leading and pointing out his mistakes. Chef Garvey then got emotional explaining why he was ready to step up and speak out.

“I was from a broken family and no one is ever together I have always been underestimated like, across my entire family. I want nothing more than to prove myself and these people just keep bringing us down and it hurts,” said Chef Garvey on the show.

Chef Garvey said doing the show is so mentally grueling. You are working 20 hours days, not sleeping, and he says it finally just pushed him.

“I decided I was ready to crack out of this shell and be myself. It was kind of the turning point,” said Chef Garvey.

Chef Garvey did get called out for using a cast-iron skillet to cook an egg on the show. Chef Ramsay said the egg was going to stick to the pan.

Chef Garvey told FOX2 he said that is how he has always cooked them but quickly learned Chef Ramsay wanted him to use a non-stick pan. Chef Garvey says he has since gone out and bought non-stick pans.

The next episode is Monday at 7pm on FOX2. You can follow Chef Garvey on Instagram here.