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HILLSBORO, MO. (KTVI) – The Jefferson County Sheriff’s department says days after purchasing a shotgun, a mother killed her three daughters and then herself outside her estranged boyfriend’s home. 

Authorities have identified the victims as Lisa Cochran, 32, Autumn Cochran, 10, Alyssa Cochran, 11, and 22-month-old Faith Ehlen.  Police say Lisa sent an email out just before 8:00 pm Wednesday to family and friends entitled, “Goodbye”. 

Investigators also say they have evidence Lisa purchased a shotgun from the Arnold, Missouri Walmart on August 29. 

Police responded to the home around 12:30 a.m. Thursday off Vineland Road and Wilson Hollow Road in southern Jefferson County.

The estranged boyfriend told police when he arrived home, Lisa’s van was in his driveway.   But because she had a restraining order against him, he left the scene and called police. When officers arrived, they found the bodies.

All three children were found dead in a van. Lisa Cochran was found on the steps of the home.  The shotgun was lying nearby.  All of the victims had been shot in the head.  Authorities say Faith, the youngest child, was the estranged boyfriend’s daughter.  The other two children were from a previous marriage.

Sheriff Boyer says the estranged boyfriend was questioned and was very cooperative and gave no indication that he was involved. He was never a suspect, but Boyer says the investigation will continue.

Boyer adds Lisa had moved out of the residence some time ago and was living with her parents.

 Alyssa Cochran was in the sixth grade at Antonia Middle School.  Officials sent a letter home to parents so they can inform their children about the tragedy.  Joe Willis is the school principal.  Willis said, “She was a good kid, a good personality, a smile on her face a good student it’s hard to comprehend for me I got kids of my own it’s kind of hard.”

Ten year old Autumn Cochran attended Antonia Elementary.  Mark Rudanovich is the principal and he said Autumn was an outstanding girl, “She was a great student one of those little students that was always smiling had lot of friends and a happy kid.”

The school district has a special counseling team which will be available to help students and teachers cope.