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Each year, thousands of our nation’s military veterans return home to discover guilt, panic, depression, and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are part of their readjustment into civilian life.

Feelings of hopelessness and fear are common as many believe no viable solution is available – a real problem that contributes to less than 40 percent of affected veterans seeking treatment.

Studies are finding that veterans with service dogs report lower levels of depression and anxiety.

Former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, who founded the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), joins Fox 2 News at 11 live via satellite with veteran Danny Kimbrell to discuss a new program designed to boost availability of service dogs for US military veterans.

ARF has partnered with Purina Dog Chow to launch the Service Dog Salute campaign. It typically costs $15,000 to train a service dog, but ARF’s groundbreaking service dog program engages veterans to train their own rescue-turned-service dogs with the help of a certified trainer at the ARF training facility, turning a leash into a lifeline for both rescue dogs and our nation’s veterans.