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ST. LOUIS, MO — A travel guide company releases its annual “No List.” Missouri made the top ten for places travelers should not visit.

Fodor’s Travel lists Missouri as number seven on the list after Mount Everest and before Honduras. The company points out a state law making it difficult for employees to sue employers over discrimination. It also references and two men who were shot after being suspected of being Muslim.

A selection of the description from the article states:

“The Show-Me State is full of wonders that belong on anyone’s travel bucket list. It’s home to breathtaking limestone caverns, the Budweiser Clydesdales, Kansas City-style BBQ, great jazz, the Silver Dollar City Amusement Park, and even a museum that purports to house the holy finger of John the Baptist.

Unfortunately, Missouri is also the place where SB 43 was passed making it more difficult to sue employers for discrimination, a state representative argued that homosexuals weren’t human beings, a tourist who got lost and ran out of gas was later found murdered in his jail cell without ever being put under arrest, and two men were hunted down and shot on suspicion of being Muslim on the outskirts of Kansas City. And that’s just in 2017.”

In 2017 the NAACP advised tourists to skip the state and the “looming danger” for visitors. Missouri was the only state to be placed on the list.