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GAITHERSBURG, MD – Police say a woman in Maryland was caught on camera poisoning a co-worker.

Kevin Lewis reports.

(Sofia Santa-Cruz/Victim) “I ingested poison. I told them, somebody put something in my drink.”

It was Halloween night at the Blue Mercury Spa in Gaithersburg.  Employee Sofia Santa-Cruz was doing her mother’s make-up.

Across the store co-worker Luz Lemonfield was acting sinister.

Surveillance video allegedly shows Lemonfield unscrewing Santa-Cruz’s Fiji water bottle, only to then pour in a chemical-based beauty product.

(Sofia Santa-Cruz/Victim) “And as I take the bottle of water and I start drinking, I just felt entire burn in my throat; all the way down I felt it. I couldn’t breathe.”

Santa-Cruz ran to the bathroom vomiting and then called police.

Once in cuffs, Lemonfield reportedly told officers: “Well, I guess it didn’t work then.”

(Sofia Santa-Cruz/Victim) “It was attempted murder.”

While Santa-Cruz doesn’t know the motive, she is well aware of the potentially deadly ingredients she swallowed.

(Sofia Santa-Cruz/Victim) “Sulfur, zinc, acid and more acid, alcohol. It’s basically a drying lotion, which means it dries an area of your face from acne, it just dries it up. So imagine pouring that into your system, you’re drying your throat, your entire throat up, or your stomach… She tried to kill me, that’s all I know.”