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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) – At the Best Dance & Talent Center in St. Ann, the kids get daily lessons about dancing and life. It’s also the place where Darryl Jones and his 7-year-old daughter Brooke prepared for a big annual father daughter dance. Getting ready for the dance wasn’t easy, that’s because Darryl had to make adjustments to his moves because he lost his right leg to cancer. After a month of hard work and practice the duo made it happen.

“It made me proud to be an African-American man and to be part of something positive,” said Jones.

Brooke was also impressed by her dad’s dance moves.

“He can do what most people can do with two legs. I was amazed at my daddy,” said Brooke.

Brooke’s mother Jessica Moody posted video of their June 6th dance and within days it went viral with nearly 2 million views on Facebook. It was also shared by thousands including celebrities since it was posted last week. Dance instructor Judy Best-Person also says Jones worked hard to make his daughter happy.

“It’s exciting and touching because the video captures the essence of who Darryl is and their relationship,” said Moody.

“He was on crutches and wow he does everything everybody else does and it was wonderful,” said Best-Person.

The dance may be over but the special bond between Darryl and Brooke will last forever.