Flies in manure causing major problems

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ISANTI COUNTY, MN - A fly infestation is creating the wrong kind of buzz in Minnesota’s Isanti County.

Residents say it's so bad, they can't even go outside.

John Lauritsen reports.

(Phyllis Lundquist, Tired of flies) " ...Creepy. It's just annoying. It's just really creepy."

The porch attached to Dave and Phyllis Lindquist’s' home is designed to keep mosquitoes out. Instead, it seems to be keeping the flies in...

(Dave Lundquist, Tired of flies) " ...We're seeing hundreds and hundreds of blow flies is what I'm being told is what they are and I've been told they can lay up to a thousand eggs a piece."

And they aren't just in the porch- they're all over their property. The Lindquist’s say it's what a farmer had in his manure, that's caused this blow fly takeover...

(Dave Lundquist, Tired of flies) " ...Maggots, garbage, food waste and manure..."

The county says the farmer began hauling manure this past winter and left it until the spring. Flies developed over time, and when the zoning office saw garbage in the manure they asked the farmer to hold off. But they say he spread the manure anyway.

(John Lauritsen/Reporting)"...and this is how bad it looks on County Road 42. From a distance this looks like black top. But as you get closer you can see this road is covered in flies."

Dawn Strande says her son is getting married on their property in a few months and she's worried the infestation will still be here.

(Phyllis Lundquist/Disgusted by fly infestation) " ...We have this beautiful wedding planned. And my husband and I can't get outside to work on our yard because we are just swarmed by these things."

But everyone agrees the Hanson family may be in the worst shape of all. They live right across the field from where the manure was spread. Their house is covered and opening their mailbox has become an adventure.

(Tom Hanson, Home Covered by Flies) " ...It's not 10 or 12, its 100 hitting you at a time. It's impossible to do what you want to do around here."

The farmer accused of bringing the flies to the area had no comment.

The county says it is looking into health effects from the flies and how to get rid of them.

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