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When the brothers in blue need rescuing, who do they call? The fire department, of course.

A dozen police officers were trapped in a stalled elevator inside a Kansas City, Missouri, police academy on Wednesday. The academy staff reached out to the Kansas City Fire Department, who were quick to send a rescue crew to the aid of their colleagues, according to CNN affiliate WDAF.

But before they pulled the cops out of the elevator, the fire crew couldn’t resist snapping a photo.

The snapshot, showing a smiling firefighter giving a thumbs-up before a elevator car full of sheepish-looking police, was posted on Twitter by St. Louis Fire Department Captain Gregg Farve.

It quickly won the Internet, with firefighters and police officers showing extra enthusiasm for the photo.

One fellow firefighter said on Twitter, “Yes! We dream of moments like these!”

The photo was later shared on the Kansas City Police Department’s Facebook page with the caption: “Well that was embarrassing.” That post attracted more than 5,000 likes and 175 comments.

“Won’t live this one down for the next 20 years,” said a Facebook commenter.

Even one of the rescuers joined the online conversation.

“It was my pleasure to give my best cheese face for the boys in blue,” wrote Tony Pisciotta, the firefighter with the thumbs up in the photo, wrote on Facebook. “I love how some of the guys ducked their heads to prevent being noticed, and others… Well, went with it.”

All 12 officers were unhurt, except maybe for some bruised egos. They also learned a valuable lesson: not to exceed the elevator’s weight limit.

By Amanda Jackson, CNN