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PORT ARTHUR, TX – Earlier this week a 72-year-old man from Port Arthur, Texas died of heat exhaustion when he was trapped in his own car. KBMT-TV reports James Rogers and his dog Leia were trapped in Rogers’ dream car, his 2007 Corvette, when the lock system malfunctioned.

Rogers had just left Waffle House, when he entered his parked car to find the doors and windows automatically locking behind him. Having left his cell phone in the restaurant, he was unable to call for help. Employees and customers tried to rescue Rogers, but were unable to open the doors. By the time a firefighter broke open a window, Rogers and his dog Leia were already dead.

This is not the first incident Corvette models have experienced issues with automatic locks. A low car battery can cause locks to stay locked. Although there is a manual release for drivers to override the locks, Rogers was unaware of this feature.


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