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PINE LAWN, MO (KTVI)- A St. Louis man jailed for minor traffic violations was left comatose after prison guards refused to let paramedics take him to the hospital.

According to our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 44-year-old Bernard Scott told prison guards at the pine lawn jail that he was having abdominal pain and bleeding. But a jail supervisor would not sign off for him to receive emergency medical treatment. Fourteen minutes after paramedics from the Northeast Fire Protection District left the facility; another ambulance was called because Scott’s condition became worse.  Police say they found him hanging by his neck from a shoelace that was tied to a door.

Scott was hospitalized for three weeks following the September 2014 incident. However, he doesn’t recall hanging himself. He says police told him he couldn’t leave unless he posted his bond which was $360.

“Why would I hang myself?” he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I was in on traffic tickets.”

The incident led to an internal review that led nowhere.