Man’s tweets about being ‘trapped’ in drive-thru go viral

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Fast food is supposed to be fast, right?

That wasn’t the experience a Des Moines man had at the Taco Bell along 22nd Street in West Des Moines Friday night.

We’ve all had similar experiences waiting in a drive-thru, but Matt Holinger took to Twitter to update his followers on his “harrowing evening”.

The Taco Bell line has not moved in 20 minutes and there is no way out. I am trapped.

— M. Hollinger (@hollinger) June 6, 2015

Yo @tacobell something’s wrong at yr West Des Moines store. Been trapped in the drive thru for 30 minutes. People who can move are bailing.

— M. Hollinger (@hollinger) June 6, 2015

.@tacobell This ain’t fast food. I could have gone to a steakhouse and been eating by now. Not cool. No escape from this drive thru.

— M. Hollinger (@hollinger) June 6, 2015

Matt’s tweets went viral.

starting a kickstarter to hire a team of mercenaries to save @hollinger from @tacobell

— Neil (@armchairlb) June 6, 2015

Who would play @hollinger in the Lifetime movie #tacodebacle?

— Kit Kat(ey) (@krf91) June 6, 2015

My story was shared by @EdWilsonWX13HD and @hasselESPN so I guess I’m officially Des Moines famous.

— M. Hollinger (@hollinger) June 6, 2015

In fact, another person trapped in the line saw Holinger’s tweets and replied.

He even managed to bring up the recent departure of former Iowa State men’s basketball coach Fred Hoiberg.

I bet we could have kept Hoiberg if he knew the hostage situation at Taco Bell was gonna happen.

— M. Hollinger (@hollinger) June 6, 2015

Finally, after more than an hour stuck in line with no way out, Matt was able to “escape”.

This has been a harrowing evening. Bless you all.

— M. Hollinger (@hollinger) June 6, 2015

Thank you all for your support.

— M. Hollinger (@hollinger) June 6, 2015

Taco Bell responded to the tweets Saturday morning.

@hollinger We need to talk. DM us.

— Taco Bell Team (@TacoBellTeam) June 6, 2015

No word on what they discussed.


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