‘Mother nature has everything timed right’ – Live video of April the giraffe’s labor at Animal Adventure Park

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HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. — Zoo keepers at Animal Adventure Park have an update on April the giraffe’s condition. They say that she is in great condition. Their vet team has no concerns about the pregnancy. They write in a Facebook post, “Slow and steady – mother nature has everything timed right.”

A YouTube stream of the giraffe is being watched by millions of people. They are waiting for the birth of her fourth calf. The baby giraffe’s father, Oliver, is also in view of the camera.

The zoo has been streaming a view of the giraffe’s pen since February. The video went viral on the 22nd when someone labeled it, “sexually explicit.” The stream was briefly banned before public outcry had it reinstated. The viral “Giraffe Watch” continues into the 2nd week.

Some are starting to do their own parodies of the pregnant giraffe that has captured the world’s attention. One pregnant North Carolina woman put on a giraffe mask and strutted like April in front of a camera in her bedroom. That Facebook video has now been seen by millions of people.

Animal Adventure Park posted this update to their Facebook page Wednesday:

Good morning! The sun is shining and warm temperatures remain another day! The giraffes will enjoy yard time again today; IF they choose to go out.

We do not know why last evenings update did not post, and also another email server has gone wacky – so we have talked to the Russian (tortoises) at the park – and they have ensured us – no interference with our platforms. No hack scandal here!

April remains in great condition with no concerns from keepers or our vet team. Activity in the belly remains very visible to the eye – even through the web cam! Slow and steady – mother nature has everything timed right. Keepers will be in shortly and any change will warrant an update!

We send our sincere condolences to the keepers of The North Carolina Zoo. The loss of any animal in one’s care is heart breaking. Jamili, like all other giraffes, holds a curious nature, and short attention span. Accidents can and do happen. Tragedies can and do strike, and this is certainly an unexpected tragedy.

We wish you all a great day, the virtue of patience, and the motivation to engage! Your goal today – talk to a stranger about Giraffes – bonus points for conservation facts!

More information: www.ApriltheGiraffe.com


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