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Jeffrey Nielson pictured center
Jeffrey Nielson pictured center

DRAPER, Utah – Body camera video from the officer-involved shooting in Utah earlier this week has just been released to the public. Police shot Jeffrey Nielson, 34, after he ran from police. They say he tried to attack them with a knife.  A total of five shots were fired.

Officer Jason Vincent was on his way to work when he noticed someone slumped over in a car.  He called for back-up.  An Officer came to support the search and turned his body camera on. KSTU-TV reports that the admitted that he had a knife in his car. Police searched Nielson who appeared calm at the time.  When the officers tried to swap out the handcuffs, he broke free and ran back to his vehicle.

An evidence photo of a knife used by a suspect who was shot and killed by police in Draper. Image via Draper PD.
Police chased Nielson to his car.  The officer’s body cam was knocked to the ground during the struggle. Police yelling “knife” before five shots were fired.

His mother in law says he developed a drug problem that eventually led to a “No Contact Order” and separation with his wife.

Officers found a substance later confirmed to be heroin at the scene.