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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – A frantic Kentucky woman needed help after getting devastating news while driving on the expressway. Barbie Henderson found out her beloved sister had passed away.

She was so distraught; all she could do was pull over and call 911.

And the story of the responding officer’s compassionate response has gone viral.

Kayla Vanover has the story.

(Barbie Henderson/Assisted by Officer) “I just couldn’t drive, or concentrate, or anything I was so upset screaming and hollering and the first thing that came to my mind was 911”.

Dispatch communicated with a nearby Hillview police officer who arrived behind Barbie Henderson’s car within minutes.

(Barbie Henderson/Assisted by Officer) “He came in my car and sat and talked to me. Wiped my face from tears. Gave me some water. Made sure my air conditioner was turned up high”.

Office John Nissen made sure Henderson knew she wasn’t alone and he was going to get her family to her as soon as possible.

(John Nissen/Hillview Police Officer) “I wanted them to feel like they were being treated like I would want my family to be treated”.

Henderson’s sister arrived moments later.

(Sondra Barlow/Sister) “He was sitting there in the car right next to her, holding her hand. You know wiping her tears, talking to her, giving me instructions on what had taken place and what she’s feeling and what she’s going through.

At that moment in time, Sondra Barlow says Officer John was not only an officer to her.

(Sondra Barlow/Sister) “He was my family. He was the one she talked to about losing– about our sister being gone”.

Both sisters began hugging him.

(John Nissan/Hill view Police Officer) “[inaudible] gave me a big hug and I thought I was gonna pass out when she gave me a hug because she was so relieved.”

(Sondra Barlow/Sister) “He’s putting her seatbelt on” then Sondra snapped this picture.

(Sondra Barlow/Sister) “And as you can see she’s still holding on to him and he’s still holding on to her. She didn’t want to let him go”.

And posted it to Hillview Police Department’s Facebook page.

It quickly went viral.

(Sondra Barlow/Sister) “If you go back and you read some of those comments he has a lot of positive on there. He has helped a lot of people”.

Having a second chance to meet up with Officer John, Sondra had her own comment to share.

(Sondra Barlow/Sister) “People don’t have to be nice. People don’t have to be kind. People don’t have to be compassionate. They don’t have to care. They don’t have to do any of that stuff. So when they do you should always say thank you. So from my family to you we say thank you”.

(John Nissen/Hillview Police Officer) “Thank you. Thank you very much. All it takes is just a little kindness. That’s all it takes”.

(Barbie Henderson/Assisted by Officer) “And I appreciate you”.

(John Nissen/Hillview Police Officer)”No problem at all. I’d do it again in a heartbeat”.

(Barbie Henderson/Assisted by Officer) “Thank you”.

(John Nissen/Hillview Police Officer) “You’re very welcome”.

The city of Hillview’s official motto is “A Community of Friends.”

The family’s Facebook post about officer Nissen’s kindness has been shared and liked thousands of times already.