Shooting victim gives unexpected interview during reporter’s live shot

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Warning: Language in this video may be offensive for some viewers.

QUINCY, IL – Reporter Reyna Harvey got one unexpected interview while covering a shooting early Friday morning.

“You know, I’m in the room chillin’, kickin’ like I usually do, drinking. Then someone shot right through my back window and hit me in the chest. I’m like sh$#. Get my son out of the room.” said Devon Hawkins.

He then lifts his shirt up to show the reporter his wound. Harvey asks, “Do you know why this happened?”

“I think they want me dead. Or some other stuff. I don’t know.”

The shooting happened in the 800 block of Chestnut Street in Quincy just after 12:30am. Hawkins was taken to the hospital and released. That is when he walked into the reporter’s 5am live shot for an interview.


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