This funny Missouri reporter explains the Midwest to the rest of the country

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – America’s Midwestern “foreign correspondent” explains the region to the rest of the country. Many people on the coasts don’t really get what happens in the middle of the nation. FOX 5’s Jeff Houghton sets them straight with this snarky take on an international report coming from the nation’s heartland.

“The media centers on the coasts don’t really know the Midwest that well, with very few reporters assigned to the area. I have taken it upon myself to send reports back from this foreign land,” said Jeff Houghton. “I’m here in Missouri, or as you may know it, Iowa, Ohio, or East Dakota. The people in this region refer to it as America’s torso.”

The jokes keep coming in this two minute video that hits home to many living in the area.  Some of them  reference Thomas Jefferson, property values, meth use and much more.

“There is actually a diversity of people here, and I’m told they actually chose to live here. The Midwest is not just farmland. There are actually many cities like Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Cornopolis, Kansas City, and only one of those is made up,” said Jeff Houghton.

Watch the video to see all of the jokes. A lot of them are visual.  One of them has the boundaries of the region with a silly name for Missouri’s bootheel.  Which already has a fairly ridiculous name.

Want to know more about this reporter? He works at a FOX affiliate in Springfield Missouri and hosts a local late night show called, “Mystery Hour.” You should definitely catch a clip of Missouri’s Tonight Show.


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