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SAN RAMON, CA – Patience has paid off for a set off twins in California.

They’ve been playing scratch-off lottery for years, without winning much.

But this month, they hit a big jackpot.

Cate Cauguiran reports.

It’s a one in 3 million chance and these San Ramon twins beat the odds.

(Laura Poorman, $6 mil. Jackpot Winner): “You just never know it’s going to be you especially something that big.”

Something big… That started with something little earlier this month.

(Lisa Toton, $6 mil. Jackpot Winner): “I looked up at my windshield and I saw a yellow ladybug.”

Lisa Toton took the yellow ladybug as a sign… So she made a pit stop here at fast & easy mart to pick up some lottery tickets, including these two “set for life” scratchers for her and her twin, Laura Poorman.

The twins have been buying tickets together since they were 18.

Carefully following their mother’s advice.

Mom’s advice paid off.

Lisa says she was parked at her son’s school when she found out… They won six million dollars.

(Lisa Toton, $6 mil. Jackpot Winner): “I’m like ‘Oh my God,’ I am hyperventilating like I was like Kim Kardashian, ugly crying.”

First thing Lisa did… Called Laura.

(Laura Poorman, $6 mil. Jackpot Winner): “I was on a conference call on a video call at work and she kept calling and calling and calling.”

But Laura didn’t pick up.

So Lisa had to deliver the news… Via text message.

(Lisa Toton, $6 mil. Jackpot Winner):  “Come home now scratcher jackpot.”

(Laura Poorman, $6 mil. Jackpot Winner): “And I said huh?”

(Lisa Toton, $6 mil. Jackpot Winner): “And then I said six million I’m shaking.”

(Laura Poorman, $6 mil. Jackpot Winner): “That’s when she got my attention (laughs) I mean, I’m not coming home for a thousand bucks!”

This is Lisa and Laura at claiming their prize at Hayward’s California Lottery East Bay District Office.

(Laura Poorman, $6 mil. Jackpot Winner): “I don’t even know if it’s still sunk in yet because it’s so ridiculous.”

But don’t think their new found millionaire status will change the two.

(Laura Poorman, $6 mil. Jackpot Winner): “You think like angels are going to be singing and all this cool stuff is going to happen and we went to Fuddruckers.”

(Lisa Toton, $6 mil. Jackpot Winner): “We bought about 20 pairs of socks it’s been our splurge so far.”

The sisters will split the money sixty-to-forty.

Poorman will get the bigger share because she’s the one who bought the ticket.