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KATY, TEXAS – A Texas woman is speaking out two years after her elderly father was severely injured in a hate crime.

The woman has forgiven her father’s attacker, but she says her dad has never been the same.

Jennifer Bauer reports.

The video is disturbing and very upsetting to the people who watch it.

Especially the family of the elderly victim.

The video is hard to watch, a Katy man had his cell phone recording while he plotted an attack on a black man…listen.

“The plan is to see if were to hit a black person would this be nationally televised…”

A few seconds later he spots someone and pulls his car over…

“How you doing?  Yeah?  Yeah? KNOCKOUT!  (laughs)”

On the ground Roy Coleman.

At the time he was 79, he was punched in the face.

(Donna McNeal/ Daughter):  “I was totally devastated.  It just, it just broke my heart.”

Coleman’s daughter, Donna McNeal is speaking out for the first time since her father’s attack.

It happened two years ago, and the man who punched her father is now in prison.

Conrad Barrett, who is 29, is serving a six year sentence.

This video of the attack was just released.

(Donna McNeal/ Daughter):  “It affected his speech really bad.”

McNeal says her father’s jaw was broken and he was physically hurt in the attack.’

But his emotional state is what she worries about most.

It brought back painful memories of racism he endured as a child.

(Donna McNeal/ Daughter):  “He’s 81. So you know it goes way back you know and emotionally he’s just like… I think he’s kind of like broken.”

McNeal says this video makes her angry.

But she decided to forgive Barrett.

And her heart goes out to his parents.

(Donna McNeal/ Daughter):  “Because they’re hurting just like we’re hurting.  They’re hurting because they’ve lost their son. Well I’m hurting because he injured my father and I’ve lost half of my dad.”

Donna tells us her father is no longer able to live independently.

He now lives with her and she takes care of him.

She says he hasn’t been the same since that horrific attack.

Reporting in Katy I’m Jennifer Bauer KPRC Channel 2 News.