Valedictorian charged with bank heist

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SIOUX CITY, IA – Two teenage girls arrested and accused of stealing 10-thousand dollars from a bank in Iowa Saturday.

Authorities say one worked as a bank teller, and she apparently convinced her roommate to stage a heist.

Deborah Souverain reports.

They’re not your typical bank robbers.

Heaven Zevenbergen, a former elk point high school valedictorian and angelic Perez are now facing felony theft charges after pulling off a heist in broad day light.

Sioux City police say the 18 year-old’s co-conspired to steal from a security national bank inside of the Hamilton Hyvee store in Sioux City.

Here, Perez hidden behind a baseball cap and fake facial hair can be seen sliding a note to Zevenbergen who was a teller at the bank.

Cash in hand an outside security camera catches Perez as she makes her exit.

(Matt Kampfe/Maintenance Worker) Yea it’s pretty crazy because you wouldn’t expect something like that to happen around here.

Matt Kampfe is a maintenance worker at Morningside Country Estates where the women lived together.

He says he was there when police showed up looking for the pair in this building Wednesday.

(Matt Kampfe/Maintenance Worker) But our other maintenance guys said they had seen them around and that they lived at a certain apartment.

Police say the teens may face federal charges.

Deborah Souverain ABC 9 news.

Zevenbergen is in jail while Perez is out on bond.

They both face second degree theft charges.

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