VIDEO: Mom freaks-out when dad pretends to drop kid

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This is possibly one of the worst pranks you can play on a mother.  Roman Atwood is a comedian and father.  He decieded to play a trick on his with with the help of his two sons.

The video begins innocently with mom finding her family playing together upstairs.  Dad is playing with the kids.  The youngest child is wearing a Spiderman costume.

Dad loudly says, “Want to fly?” when mom steps away.  The kids then pop into a closet and pull out a pint sized mannequin who is also dressed in a Spiderman costume.

When mom comes back up the stairs Atwood repeats the phrase, “Want to fly?”  That is when he launches the dummy off a balcony.

Shocked, she rushes frantically  to the “boy” and rips his mask off.  That is when she discovers that she has been pranked.


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