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WINTERS, TX – Assistant manager Alex Harrison was preparing for his last day of work, as the Cash Saver he works for in Winters was set to close its doors.

But when he got to work, he heard some news that would turn this grocery store right around.

“We had so many phone calls, this morning hoping. Call your boss try to keep it open Walmart’s closing.”

“And with that news it’s time to restock these shelves.”

Which have been empty since the news came that they would be going out of business.  These employees say it was because of the Walmart.

Lucindy Wright was another employee who was preparing for her last day, but now she’s cleaning the empty shelves to be restocked.

“A little bit overwhelmed, it was a little bit of a shock.”

And up first is tortillas.

“Actually I’m glad this place picked backed up because I was selling more.”

He comes to this cash saver once a week to stock its mission tortillas

“I sell more at Cash Saver than I do at Walmart.”

So it’s not only the employees here affected by this grocery store keeping its doors open…

‘”I have three kids and a wife, I’m sure they’ll be happy to know they don’t have to worry about anything.”

And not only does this give the community a place to shop.

“Keeping this grocery store still a live it still shows that there’s life in this town.”

A town that cherishes not only its small town stores, but its small town people.

In Winters, Stacie Wirmel KTAB News.