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LECANTO, FL — A woman faces shoplifting and paraphernalia charges after an unusual spree at a Florida Walmart.

Josseleen Elida Lopez, 20, allegedly got high on meth and rode a motorized shopping cart through a Walmart while eating sushi, cinnamon rolls, rotisserie chicken, and drinking wine.

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from Walmart on Tuesday from employees about a suspicious shoplifter driving around the store in a motorized cart.

Police say they found a half-empty bottle of wine the cart. An employee tells WFLA-TV that he watched her grab a box of sushi from the shelf, eat a piece and put the box back. He says Lopez did the same thing with cinnamon rolls and mini muffins. She also ate the majority of a rotisserie chicken.

Lopez is accused of eating over $30 worth of food and wine from the Lecanto Walmart.

The deputies found two empty syringes in Lopez’s purse and backpack, WFLA reported. She told police she used the syringes to shoot up meth prior to the shoplifting incident.

Officers asked her what happened. She said that she was hungry and did not want to take any of the items outside of the store. So, she decided to consume everything inside the store. Lopez tells police that she knew what she was doing was wrong, however, she did it anyway.