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CORNING, AR – An Arkansas girl’s high school prom invitation has become a viral video. Autumn Pollard has Noonan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects her growth and her heart. This year will be her very first prom. She was asked to the big dance in a very special way.

Autumn Pollard says she thought it was going to be like any other pep rally She is called down to the middle of the court to do a little dance with the school mascot. Right on cue, the two were getting down as usual.

“He’s looking at me, and I get up in my chair and we are dancing together.” said Corning High School Junior Autumn Pollard.

But what came next, brought tears to Autumn’s eyes.

“Here’s Cope walking to me and have a couple flowers my favorite colors.” said Autumn Pollard.

Autumn also says this memory will stick with her forever. “My dream come true.”

Cope says he thinks it’s great the prom proposal went viral, but there’s something more important he wants his peers to walk away with.

“More people could see that and be like that, than I ain’t going to go with this kid, I ain’t going to go with that.” said Autumn’s Prom Date Cope Robinson.