Trial continues for St. Louis Police officers accused of beating undercover cop


ST. LOUIS – Historic proceedings at the federal courthouse in St. Louis, as two former St. Louis Police officers testified against former colleagues in a police beating case. Three officers are accused in the case of an undercover St. Louis Police detective who was beaten in 2017 when officers thought he was protester. The day ended with former officer—now FBI agent—Uzo Onwumere, on the stand.

Onwumere testified he had a clear view of the police beating of Detective Luther Hall at 14th & Olive in Downtown St. Louis in September 2017. He told the prosecution he saw former Officer Christopher Myers kneeing and striking Hall with a baton.

Former Officer Randy Hays was on the stand for most of the day. Hays has already pleaded guilty to beating Hall. Under questioning by the prosecution, Hays implicated the three officers on trial, saying he saw Officer Steven Korte kick Hall in the head.

Korte and former officers Myers and Dustin Boone are accused of depriving Hall of his civil rights. Myers is also accused of destroying evidence by smashing Hall’s phone. Korte is also accused of lying to the FBI.

Hays admits he was one of the officers who severely beat detective Hall when Hall was working undercover, tracking protesters’ after another former St. Louis Police officer, Jason Stockley, was acquitted in a murder case. Hall was live-streaming from his phone during the beating.

Hays verified text messages in which Boone allegedly said, “I don’t like that we put our hands on another cop…”

Hays responded, “I don’t like beating the (blank) out of a cop but the police dept. put him in that (situation)…”

However, under cross examination, Hays back-pedaled. For instance, Myers’ attorney, Scott Rosenblum asked, “You said officer Myers intentionally destroyed Hall’s cellphone, but that’s not a true statement, is it, sir?”

Hays responded: “Apparently not.”

Rosenblum followed: “It’s a false statement that you made to this court?”

“Yes, sir,” Hays answered.

Hays also told Korte’s attorney that he has since learned facts he agreed to in his 2019 plea agreement were not actually true.

Onwumere will be on the stand when the trial resumes Tuesday. The judge hinted the trial could roll into week three next week.

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