Truck drivers rely on skills and preparation for winter weather

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FORISTELL, MO - All day at the TA Truck Stop in Foristell, Missouri truck drivers from around the county stop to fuel up, grab a bite to eat, pickup needed items and rest.

The drivers FOX 2/NEWS 11 talked with Wednesday afternoon say if they know it's a chance for snow and ice they plan ahead. Trucks drivers say the roads can get slick in the winter and the dangers of driving on ice and snow are multiplied. Most of the drivers have advanced skill in driving in slippery conditions and say they drive below the speed limit as the size of their truck makes it harder to stop in icy conditions.

Truckers warn motorists to keep their distance and never pass a truck in wintry conditions as it’s a potential danger for braking.

There are some winter driving essentials all professional truckers should carry. A roadside emergency kit, extra chains for tires for traction, water, food, and blankets. When necessary truck drivers will adapt their driving style when driving in poor weather conditions.

They also say bad weather is always a challenge even for the most experienced trucker.


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