A pregnant woman went missing in 2005 and what happened is a mystery

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HILLSBORO, Mo. – A 26-year-old woman went missing around a week before she was expected to give birth. The investigation into what happened to her has been going on for over 15 years.

Amanda Jones, 26, met Bryan Westfall at her company’s holiday party in December 2004. The two spent the night together, but the relationship ended there.

Amanda Jones

In February 2005, Jones took her daughter with her to the Hillsboro Community Civic Center to tell Bryan Westfall she was pregnant. Her 4-year-old daughter Hannah was with her during the encounter. She says that she clearly remembers that day.

“We went there and met Bryan Westfall and him and my mom were going to talk about my brother,” Hannah said. “My mom asked if he would have any part in my brother’s life, and he said, ‘No,’ and he said that he’d pay for an abortion, and I told him that, ‘You wouldn’t hurt my baby.’”

Missing and pregnant

Amanda Jones’ family says she went to meet Bryan Westfall again in August 2005. This was a week before she was expected to give birth. No one has seen or heard from Jones since that day.

Jones’ car was found parked at the Hillsboro Civic Center and the sonogram photos found inside the vehicle were entered into evidence.

Case focus

Bryan Westfall

The case has stumped law enforcement for more than 15 years. Both the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI said Bryan Westfall was a focus of the case because he was the last known person to have seen her.

Westfall has never spoken to the media and according to the sheriff’s office, he has not spoken to law enforcement since 2005.

“Mr. Westfall has always denied being involved in any way in Ms. Jones’ disappearance and denied being the father of her child,” said Kevin Roberts, Westfall’s attorney.

An excavation

Hillsboro, Missouri

Detectives with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office oversaw an excavation in June 2019 in connection with the disappearance of Amanda Jones. Cadaver dogs searched the Hillsboro Civic Center grounds for any sign of Jones. No human remains or evidence was found. Jones’ family said they were not made aware of the search until it was complete.

“Why didn’t they do (an excavation) the day that the searchers were out there? Why didn’t they come back the next day instead of waiting this long?” said Bertha Propst, Jones’ mother. “There’s a lot of questions, but they always tell me they can’t tell me anything.”

The billboards

Amanda Jones Billboard

Electronic billboards asking for information and offering a reward in the case went up in the St. Louis area in January 2021 in a highly visible location on the Poplar Street Bridge. They said in part, “FBI Reward: Up to $20,000.”

The billboard was paid for by the billboard company. In this case, it’s DDI Media, which told FOX 2, “DDI Media and the members of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America have a long-term partnership with the FBI and law enforcement to assist in solving crimes when they feel billboards may help. Locally, we also work with CrimeStoppers.”

Hannah said she still wants to know what happened to her mother and brother, and she hopes people remember they are still missing.

A death

On October 30, 2021, Jones’s family filed a suit against Westfall Bryan Westfall died weeks after the civil wrongful death lawsuit was filed against him. The family’s lawyer says Westfall was recently served with notice of the suit.

Amanda Jones

Jone’s parents, Hubert and Bertha Propst released this statement,

“The sudden death of Bryan Westfall has shocked all of us beyond belief. We as a family feel cheated that Bryan has died before we could find our daughter Amanda and unborn grandson, Hayden. This news follows our recent legal actions against Bryan, and we feel that another opportunity to get a step closer in finding them has been lost.”

Jones’s family also sent condolences to Westfall’s parents for their loss. They said they know all too well the heartbreak of losing a child.

The statement went on to say, “Fortunately, the Westfall family can lay their child to rest in a sacred place; we still have not had that opportunity.”

The family’s attorney says the wrongful death suit is expected to continue but adjustments are expected to be made due to Westfall’s passing.

What’s next?

What happened to Amanda Jones and her unborn child? Investigators are still looking for clues. The FBI has a $20,000 reward for information leading to Jones and her unborn son or to the person/people responsible for their disappearance. If you have any information, please contact the FBI St. Louis at 314-589-2500 or the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau at 636-797-5515.

You can listen to The Disappearance of Amanda Jones, a podcast produced by FOX2 in 2019.

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