ST. LOUIS —  If you are getting on a plane this week, a mask is no longer required. The Transportation Security Administration announced that it is no longer enforcing a mask mandate for travel after a federal judge struck down the mandate extension on Monday.

At Lambert International Airport, the new decision is causing confusion among travelers. 

“I’m definitely confused,” said Matthew Scroggins, who traveled from Texas without a mask.

He thought he didn’t have to wear one. This came after a federal judge in Florida struck down the CDC’s mask mandate extension Monday. The mandate was originally in effect through May 3.  

“I had a TSA official come up to me when I was sitting here. So, they didn’t have it on and told me to put it on,” Scroggins said. “Kind of pick-and-choosey.” 

President Joe Biden said his administration is reviewing the judge’s ruling, but in the meantime, the TSA will not require masks. However, a lot of mask messaging is still up throughout Lambert.    

“Masks signs are saying wear masks and over the loudspeaker, it says masks as well,” traveler Michelle Kemp said.

Delta, Southwest, American, and AlaskanAirlines took to Twitter Monday – saying masks are now optional for both customers and employees. 

“I did see a pilot get off a flight with no mask, so obviously the employees are not being enforced to wear masks. So, I’m not sure if we should wear or not wear,” Kemp said.

Despite the confusion, traveler Dennis Kiefer still has a mask in his bag just in case the rules change again.  

“I’m not going to be a rebel or anything like that, and I don’t want to be a problem. But I have it if I need it. If I don’t need it, and I’m not told I need to wear it, I won’t wear it,” Kiefer said.

Lambert International Airport officials said because the judge’s decision just came down hours before this story, airport staff has not had time to take down all the signs or change the speaker’s message. Airport officials said the speaker messages will be changed by Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Metro Transit also said it will no longer require face coverings in a statement released Monday:

On April 18, 2022, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rescinded its order requiring masks on public transportation conveyances and at public transportation hubs. While Metro Transit encourages CDC recommendations for masking, it will no longer require face coverings or enforce mask-wearing on the system. This does not preclude employees or passengers from the optional use of wearing masks.