TV show featuring Barclay for best dog stories of 2019 after Stanley Cup win


ST. LOUIS, Mo. — You can see Barclay, the assistance dog-in-training who is being raised by the St. Louis Blues, on KPLR 11 tomorrow.  He is being featured on the nationally broadcast TV show “Dogs of the Year” on the CW network at 8:00pm.

The TV show is counting down the top ten dog-related stories of 2019. Barclay was a part of the Stanley Cup-winning team that went from worst to first.

“We like to think of Barclay as the St. Louis Blues’ good luck charm,” said Duo Dogs Executive Director Peggy Musen in a statement. “Once he joined the team their winning streak started, and it culminated with bringing home the Stanley Cup. Great things happen when people and dogs connect, and we’re excited to have Barclay’s story shared with viewers across the country.”

Duo Dogs is a nonprofit organization that provides service dogs.  They are raised by volunteers for the first two years of their lives to help them with socialization and basic obedience. The St. Louis Blues Community Affairs Team volunteered to raise a Barclay, who is named in honor of the former St. Louis Blues player and coach, Barclay Plager.


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