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MARISSA, IL (KTVI)-Two more fires overnight in a town that’s been plagued by arson in recent days. These fires are the most damaging by far.

A Marissa resident shot video of the scene on Main Street. A fire at the Academy Building, which housed the town’s historical society, broke out just before midnight. Flames were shooting out of the roof. Firefighters eventually got the fire under control, but not before the building was destroyed. One firefighter was injured trying to put the fire out.

The firebug was not done either. A second, smaller building just three blocks away went up in flames a little over an hour later. It too suffered heavy damage.

This all comes just days after a set of three other fires in the town. All were suspected cases of arson and all were set along Main Street. Those cases involved smaller sheds adjacent to the main buildings on the road.

Neighbors were being told to leave their porch lights on, to be on the lookout, and they were already nervous prior to these latest fires.

Marissa resident Alice Mines says, “Everybody’s scared. Everybody’s terrified. I mean they’re all fearing. They’re saying turn your lights no, leave your lights on, but is that really gonna help?”

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