ST. LOUIS — We are continuing to update what is happening on the front lines in L’viv, Ukraine, as we talk with two women who are there helping women and children trying to escape the war. 

The Ukraine Partnership Foundation is a 501c3 that started in St. Louis and is now being funded from around the globe.  They support the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary in L’viv that has now turned into a vital refugee center for as many as 500 women and children a day. 

The families arrive in L’viv as they escape the easter part of Ukraine where it is unsafe.  They are looking to escape to Poland or western parts of Ukraine where Russia so far hasn’t attacked.  The crowds of people are increasing every day. 

Two of the women who are part of the UBTS team tell FOX 2 they’re seeing women who are tired and confused.  They leave their home and take one suitcase and their children. 

Their husbands are forced to stay behind because they’re not allowed to leave Ukraine.  UBTS provides a place to sleep, food, medicine, and transportation. 

One of the women tells the story of having to put her best friend who was 8 months pregnant onto a crowded train alone.  Both women say they plan to stay in L’viv and help the refugees as long as possible. 

The organization has seen donations increase but they still need help.  The Ukraine Partnership Foundation is providing financial support, so the seminary can get the supplies they need to help the families.