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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO – Some residents of University City who are unhappy with a plan from the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District to buy out their homes and construct storage tanks.

Tuesday night a large crowd had a chance to demand answers from the agency.

According to MSD about 800 homes in University City have had sewage backups since 1995, while tons of sewage is being dumped into the River Des Peres.

A spokesperson with MSD said this problem is occurring because around Olive and Hafner Place where three large sewer lines all combine into one.

So, they are proposing to buy out homes in the area and build two large sewage tanks that would hold a total of 9.2 million gallons of sewage.

Originally these tanks were going to be built above ground, but Tuesday MSD told residents that they can build them below ground.

Even though resident like the below ground option, they still have a lot of questions as to why the tanks have to go in that neighborhood.

Some people don’t like that it will force people out of their homes and they feel like this area was targeted for the project because it is predominantly black and the cost to buy out homes here would be cheaper.