U.S. Attorney discusses review of Faria murder


U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan says it’s not an investigation, just a review of the 2011 Betsy Faria murder. Callahan added that Pam Hupp`s recent murder charge, in a different case, has not changed his office’s approach.

Callahan said, “The focus of our review is not on an individual, it`s simply on the murder of Betsy Faria and we`re still open as to where that review will take us.”

He says his office opened a review after Russ Faria was exonerated in his wife Betsy`s murder.

Judge Stephen Ohmer criticized Lincoln County`s murder investigation, which was the subject of years of reports in a joint Fox2, St Louis Post Dispatch investigation.

Callahan said, “After Judge Ohmer acquitted Russ Faria on the murder charge, a lot of questions were raised and insurance was involved which piqued our interest.”

His office has jurisdiction because of Betsy Faria`s $150,000 life insurance policy. Those proceeds went to Betsy`s friend Pam Hupp. Hupp was then Lincoln County`s star witness against Russ Faria.

Lincoln County Prosecutor Leah Askey released a statement Wednesday saying her office and the Lincoln County Sheriff`s Office “have been cooperating and assisting the United States Attorney in reviewing this case. This collaboration has been ongoing for the last several months.”

Fox 2 reporter Chris Hayes asked U.S. Attorney Callahan, “Is that a fair statement? Is it a collaboration?”
Callahan paused, then said, “Well she certainly has been cooperating with our office in helping us. We try to collaborate with everybody.”

He also clarified, it`s not an investigation. He said an investigation would require detailed interviews with witnesses and that`s not what`s happening now.

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