FLORISSANT, Mo. – A team from the United States Army Corps of Engineers St. Louis is reviewing an independent report on radioactive contamination at Jana Elementary School.

A study, funded by law firms involved in a class-action lawsuit, recently found high levels of radioactive material inside the school. Concerns about radioactive contamination at Jana Elementary increased after Coldwater Creek flooded back in July.

The team through the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program will check the report that Boston Chemical Data Corp. compiled on Jana Elementary School and the methods used to create these results.

The way that Boston Chemical Data Corp. tested the school and creek samples was not under the same regulations as the U.S. Army Corps. The team is planning to retest with its method to ensure accuracy.

The U.S. Army Corps said that Jana Elementary School property does have contamination that is below ground level. The contamination is in a densely wooded area near the Coldwater Creek bank, an area that engineers have been working to clean up for more than 20 years.

The U.S. Army Corps says the samples from the floodplain between the creek bank and the playground area are not contaminated.They say the tests are ongoing, but early indications from the data show that contamination is isolated to the creek bank.

The Hazelwood School District and the U.S. Army Corps are coordinating when to start sampling the property for testing.

The U.S. Army Corps team is made up of local-area scientists and engineers. They have collected more than 40,000 samples from Coldwater Creek.