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GUAM (KTVI) – The United States government rained mice down upon the U.S. possession of Guam on Sunday. Mice were airdropped in an effort to eradicate the Brown Snake from the island paradise.

Since the 1950’s, Andersen Air Force Base has been plagued by the snake.  There are  millions of dollars in damage to the islands electrical infrastructure, and devastating the islands native bird species.

The U.S. Air Force, island government and the federal government have tried numerous remedies to control and/or eradicate the snake. The population of the Brown Snake has exploded on the island, in some places reaching 13,000 per square mile.

The latest scheme to control the snake, involves the airdrop of 2,000 mice laced with the pain killer Tylenol. Scientists have found the snake is susceptible to the drug acetaminophen.


The snake is thought to have introduced to the island during WWII from a ship carrying supplies.

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