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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Uber the ride sharing service is back in the news after operating in St. Louis for six weeks, while still facing court challenges.

Uber drivers say business is booming.

This is what a Uber ride looks like, the driver uses his or her own car, and all hailing and booking is done by smartphone app.  Drivers like James Jones tell us there is plenty of demand.

Jones says he’d prefer to stay out of the politics of it all.  But nearly every time he picks up a fare, a conversation about Uber in St. Louis starts.

Meanwhile with a lawsuit hanging over Uber’s head and claims from the taxi commission that the service is not as safe, customers are still using the ride sharing service.

But veteran cabbies like Bob Glynn say the far less regulated Uber, and its part-time drivers are hurting professional, full-time taxi drivers.

In fact he says in October, Uber’s first full month of operation, he’s seen his business drop more than forty percent compared to last year. The hardest hit drivers are those working the night spots around town on the weekends where young people aren’t calling cabs, but opting for Uber.