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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Debate over the unusual light hovering over the Gateway Arch continues to swirl.

The chief investigator with Missouri’s Mutual UFO Network is looking into it. There are at least two different videos of the light. MUFON investigator Joe Palermo said it’s like having two electronic eyewitnesses.

“My gut reaction right now is that is something unusual,” Palermo said.

The first video, courtesy of Chase Rhoads, was shot early Tuesday morning. A light can be seen hovering over the Arch. Rhoads was doing work at the Casino Queen when he shot it. There is also video of the light shot from a security camera at Martin Memorial Park, not far from the casino.

Palermo spent years looking into UFO sightings. He said most of them can be explained as a star, an aircraft, or something man-made. But the light over the Arch has caught his attention.

“Pretty exciting because the best thing about it is we have two different sources of the same object on the same date at the same time,” Palermo said.

Some folks have there’s nothing mysterious about it at all, like Debbi Sanfilippo.

“I’m pretty confident it’s a drone,” Sanfilippo said.

She knows someone who owns a drone that is illuminated and flies at night. She said it looks just like the light above the Arch.

“It looks just like the drone I’ve seen my friend use up in the air,” Sanfilippo said.

Palermo disagreed.

“It’s too big to be a drone and the flashing light of it is not typical of drones,” he said.

The debate continues. Palermo said he could have a good idea of what the light maybe in a couple of weeks.