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TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. – Medical marijuana is coming to Missouri but CBD oil is already here. What’s the difference between the two? And why is CBD oil getting so popular?

The CBD oil business is expected to be a $22 billion business in the United States by 2021. There is no doubt CBD oil is a hot commodity. It’s a wellness product being used to treat people’s pain and anxiety but it’s not psychoactive. That’s the big difference between the cannabidiol oil and medical marijuana.

“It does not get you high. No psychoactive effect from CBD. That’s what a big misconception is,” said Larry Malashock, senior manager at St. Louis-based CBD Worx.

Malashock bought into the company after trying out the CBD oil. He said it instantly eased severe arthritis throughout his body and accompanying shoulder pain.

“It’s a plant and been used for thousands of years,” he said. “It’s just never been accepted as a medical product.”

Until now.

It’s been accepted by many in the medical community. The St. Louis-based Bluetail Medical Group, known for its work in regenerative medicine, is offering CBD oil as an alternative to the opioid hydrocodone.

Malashock said there’s medical evidence that CBD can help stop cell growth from cancer tumors.

“You can get CBD out of a marijuana plant. Ours comes from the hemp plant,” he said. “It still has some THC but when extracted you can extract out all the THC from the product.”

The pain relief comes not from getting high, rather the anti-inflammatory part of the cannabinoid. At present, CBD oil is regulated by the FDA so anyone can put a product out there claiming it’s selling CBD oil. To be sure you’re buying from a legit commercial business, check with the company for testing results. CBD Worx also provides its results.

“In St. Louis they tested 11 to 12 brands being sold in (the city),” he said. “The majority came from China and had no CBD in them.”

Malashock said medical marijuana will be huge and help many people but he knows what CBD oil did for him.

“Not only did it work for me but almost everybody that’s trying this product is having the same type of results,” he said.

You can order this CBD oil at CBD Worx online, at its office at 10880 Baur Boulevard, or at the pharmacy located at 777 S. New Ballas Road.