University of Missouri layoffs 49 employees and makes pay cuts due to budget shortfall


ST. LOUIS, Mo – University of Missouri leaders announced 49 layoffs, today because of its budget shortfall. Those layoffs include 32 in MU Health Care.

Here are some of the other personnel actions taken as of May 1:

  • There are no furloughs as of May 1
  • The School of Medicine faculty will have pay cuts of 10%-30% for one to three months based on their salary structure.
  • School of Medicine staff will take a 10% pay reduction for three months or a one-week unpaid furlough based on department needs
  • 195 MU employees have volunteered for pay reductions at an estimated savings of $800,000
  • 390 UM System leaders, senior administrators and other employees have volunteered for pay reductions at an estimated savings of $1.5 million.

The budget pressures the school faces includes a $17 million dollar withholding of funding from the state, significant refunds to students for residential and activity costs during the current budget year and proposed cuts by the state for the next fiscal year.

School leaders say this announcement comes after making several cost-cutting actions.

“We have taken several actions — including reducing office and travel expenses, voluntary pay reductions among university leaders, and hiring restrictions — but we still find ourselves facing significant budget pressures and must do more,” said Mun Choi, UM System President and Interim MU Chancellor.

The university will release overall numbers of personnel actions each Friday.


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