Unusual Weather Costing Cool And Heating Companies Big Bucks

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(KTVI)-- The unusually warm winter is costing folks in one industry a lot of money. Steve Miles is the general manager at Jerry Kelly Heating and Air Conditioning. He says the warm weather has caused homeowner to skip furnace repairs.  Miles said it has been a bad winter, “It was beautiful from a resort point of view but if you’re trying to work on furnaces it was terrible.”  He added, “Our winter business was probably 50 percent off of budget of what we planned on it being.  We’re not going to look back we’re going to look forward and keep going.”

He said this year his crews are repairing air conditioners four weeks earlier than usual, again because of the warm weather.  The work helps but it’s probably not enough to make up for all of winter’s losses.

Meanwhile the perfect weather this afternoon resulted in huge flames at Broemmelseik Park in St. Charles County.  A fire was set on purpose.  It’s called a prescribed burn.  Workers torched old dry grass to give mother nature a helping hand at improving the park environment.  County Parks spokeswoman Nancy Gomer said, “It is essential for the growth of the habitat through out the park system wildflowers, grass they need this to grow.”

In Kirkwood the warm winter has workers hurrying to get the farmer’s market ready to open March 30th.  Typically the business does not open until April but the weather has vendors opening early this year.


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