Up and coming St. Louis rapper JR to shoot music video in North City

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A flyer going around a small street in north St. Louis is getting a lot of attention. It’s spreading the word about a rap video shoot scheduled for Tuesday. The musician at the center of it is an up and coming St. Louis artist called J.R, but the name raising eyebrows is another contributor:   Nelly.

The flyer turned up on residents’ doorsteps Sunday, just three days before the scheduled shoot. Willie young’s initial reaction was quick.

“Started to say, what the hell,” he told us laughing outside his home on Theodosia, Monday.

The short notice took him aback, but his general reaction is fairly positive.

“As long as it’s positive, I’m with it. Our street is not really bad. This is a pretty good block. So whatever they’re doing positive, I’m with it. Especially with the younger generation anyway.”

Other neighbors agree. Ralph Woods looked toward a group of boys playing basketball down the block, saying, “Definitely for the young kids, I’m hoping it will put some positivity on them. That’s what I’m really hoping. So with Nelly and whoever’s with him, it should be some good positivity, for everybody, especially the neighborhood.”

The flyer calls people to come to the corner of Arlington and Theodosia at 11am Tuesday for a noon start time.

“The whole city is invited to come out,” it says, touting J.R. and featured artists Nelly and Tiffany Foxx.  Foxx tells us she was a little surprised by the citywide invitation.

“To be honest with you, this is news to me as well,” she said. “It was like, I’ve seen the flyer on social network and kind of thought it was going to be a little more excluded and I would love the city to come out so I’m excited about it.”

The crowd and the neighborhood, according to producers, will be used to re-create the scene from Nelly’s groundbreaking “Country Grammar” video from 2000. Foxx appeared in that video and says folks turning out for this shoot can expect a similar feel.

“I can understand why everybody is like oh my God, excited or nervous, or whatever but it’s gonna be a positive situation, a positive turnout just like Country Grammar was.”

Producers applied for a permit Monday, according to a spokesperson for the mayor’s office. Due to the short notice, they’re not being allowed to close the street, but city officials say they will be allowed to shoot.

Monday afternoon Tim Powell, a teenager who lives in the area, was walking up the street with shopping bags. He’s already planning his outfit for the event.

“It was amazing to me. I knew I had to go get some shoes and a hat and some stuff,” he said.”

He’s not worried about permits or anything of the sort. He thinks the street is likely to close itself.

“It’s gonna be, I’m just gonna say wild. It’s gonna be crazy.

Neighbors like Woods agree. “Crazy! I don’t’ think anybody will be able to move through here.”

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