US Education Secretary visits Missouri, says federal government too involved in education

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The US Secretary of Education came to the Missouri Capitol on Monday to deliver an address to the Missouri chapter of the Federalist Society. The group of conservative attorneys and judges heard Secretary Betsy DeVos say the federal government is too involved in public education.

She said local communities are better equipped to know how to best educate children living within their communities.

“Government has never done anything better or cheaper, more effective or more efficient, and nowhere is that more true than in education,” DeVos said.

She also touted a program known as the Education Freedom Scholarship. The initiative is aimed at giving more parents the option of attending a private school by providing tax credits for those who donate to state nonprofits that grant scholarships.

When asked about DeVos’s comments, House Minority Leader Crystal Quade (D-Springfield) said she did not hear the secretary’s speech but has concerns.

“We’ve heard from her administration and her team that they are looking at diverting money to private institutions and away from public education and I can tell you that despite not knowing what she talked to about today, Democrats are completely opposed from diverting any public dollars away from public education,” Quade said.

DeVos said in her speech that no money is being taken away from public school students. Critics say the use of tax credits leaves less money available for other expenses.


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